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When you charter ÜberVida, the yacht is yours to create your fantasy day or evening on the water. The yacht is fully customizable and the Über Crew will go to great lengths to help turn your vision into a reality. ÜberVida has hosted Birthday and Graduation Parties, Private Anniversaries, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Passing the Bermuda Bar, Family Reunions, High School/University Reunions, Proms, Theme Parties, Raft Ups, Private Beach Events, Wine Tastings, Charity Fund Raisers, Baby Showers, Church Events and anything else you can imagine.

Birthday Parties

There is no better way to celebrate another year around the sun than on the ÜberVida! Whether it’s your birthday or someone you love, enjoy the day on a luxury yacht and experience all of what Bermuda has to offer live it up on Bermuda’s beautifully crystal clear waters. Whether you are looking for a day of adventure an evening dance party on the ocean, the ÜberVida is yours for the day! Our Über crew is ready to serve you and your friends amazing cocktails, delicious food, and the experience of a lifetime.

Check Out our Customize Page for more ideas!

Baby Showers

Celebrate one of the biggest moments in your life – becoming a parent! Ease some of the stress and anxiety you may be feeling before the arrival of your little one and unwind on ÜberVida. Soak up Bermuda’s beauty and let the calm waves and the company of your close friends help you welcome the upcoming birth of your child. Your life is about to head in a new and exciting direction, so why not start it off by making a memory that your friends, family, and yourself will cherish forever? The ÜberVida is ready to carry you into your next chapter!

Check Out our Customize Page for more ideas!

Bridal Showers

Getting married is a magical time, but with all the planning and preparations that go into a dream wedding, life can quickly become stressful. Your bridal shower can be your opportunity to leave the stress behind for a day, and experience the cruise of a lifetime on the ÜberVida! Enjoy a relaxing getaway with all your friends to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. From intimate sunset dinners to sunbathing on pink, sandy beaches, the ÜberVida is the perfect way to wind down with your closest friends and prepare for the big day ahead!

Check Out our Customize Page for more ideas!

Family Reunion

What better way to reunite the family than cruising through the crystal blue waters of Bermuda? On the ÜberVida, your family can truly enjoy each other’s company in a setting that was made for fun and leisure. Bond over the breathtaking sights, catch up over cocktails with the sun on the horizon, or let loose on the dance floor. With so much to do, there is sure to be something for everyone to love, so book your ÜberVida celebration today! We promise that family reunions to come will not compare to your experience on the ÜberVida.

Check Out our Customize Page for more ideas!

Theme Parties

Have you always wanted to host a Luau or a nautical-themed get together? Now is your chance to create the ultimate party of your dreams! With Bermuda’s Celebration Yacht, jetting off to sea on the ÜberVida is the perfect way to have a blowout that will outshine all your previous festivities. Our Über Crew will help you personalize your event to create the perfect Bermuda getaway. From customized cocktails to serving up themed party foods, no matter what the theme is of your party, we’ll make sure sure it goes off without a hitch!

Check Out our Customize Page for more ideas!

Charity Events

Are you a charity event coordinator or a charity foundation looking for new ways to engage your clients and encourage donations? Step onto the ÜberVida for a new way to host a charity event, while cruising the breathtaking waters of Bermuda! From a small elegant dining experience to a large auction event, the ÜberVida is capable of hosting a charity function that goes beyond the traditional. Fall in love with the all the luxury ÜberVida has to offer with an outstanding crew promised to provide your guests with the ultimate tropical experience!

Check Out our Customize Page for more ideas!

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