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Looking for a new and innovative way to host a business meeting or reward your employees for a job well done? There’s no sight more unique, valuable, or memorable than those you’ll see sailing on the stunning waters of Bermuda! Whether you’ve invited clients aboard the ÜberVida to discuss business goals or relax over an upscale sunset dinner, or you want to celebrate your team’s latest success with a day on the water, we’ll provide the perfect corporate getaway for any occasion!

Lunches & Dinners

ÜberVida is one of the most exclusive corporate venues in Bermuda and lends itself to being the perfect place to treat your valued clients to an on board lunch or dinner meeting. The views while aboard are untouchable, and the ambiance of the yacht second to none – as well as the privacy aspect of being out on the water. Your clients will realize that your company has something special to offer. Take that extra step to secure a client’s business with a lunch or dinner meeting on board ÜberVida.

If you are interested in booking a Lunch or Dinner  Private Charter please contact us

SunSet Cocktails & Canapés 

After a day of successful meetings simply take a stroll down to the dock and board ÜberVida, take a slow cruise around the Harbor Islands while enjoying delicious Canapés and sipping on World Class Cocktails, 

finish at one of several docks to treat your clients to dinner.   

If you are interested in booking a Sunset Cocktails & Canapés  Private Charter please contact us

Company Appreciation/ Team Building Fun Day

ÜberVida has specializes in catering to Bermuda’s corporate clients.

We are famous for our amazing Company Fun Day

  an afternoon or evening

dedicated to employee appreciation, team building, and creating new and lasting relationships within your company Your hardworking employees will feel appreciated.

What better way to celebrate a fantastic year than having your team look forward to an exclusive day on board “Bermuda’s Celebration Yacht”?

If you are interested in booking a Company Appreciation/ Team Building Fun Day Private Charter please contact us

ÜberVida Adventure Excursions

Take your valued high-end clients on a once in a lifetime Bermuda adventure!

 The possibilities are endless and the business connections formed while on an Über-Adventure are truly priceless!

If you are interested in booking an Adventure Excursion Private Charter please contact us

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