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Ügly Sweater Christmas Party

Join ÜberVida and DJ Felix 

on Sunday the 27th December 

from 1:00pm-4:00pm 

for a raucous rambunk-aling

super fun ALL INCLUSIVE!

Ügly Christmas Sweater Party! 

"These theme parties are absolutely fantastic!!! What a great idea!  Ugly sweater, ÜberVida, ALL INCLUSIVE Premium bar.  DJ FELIX! 

hot cocktails, boiled wine and spiked egg nog!!!  and a winter sunset to live for!!!! 

I'M IN!!!!!

-Joel Smith - Bermuda

Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 5.29.31 PM.png

We will be having a vote on the evening to decide who has the Most Ügly Sweater.  The winner will receive dinner for two at ice queen and a ticket to our

New Years Eve Party - "We Survived 2020" 

DJ Felix will be providing the musical entertainment for the afternoon.  As well as conducting the Ügly Sweater competition.  and enjoying a bit of egg nogg.

The ÜberVida Bar will be fully stocked with all kinds of Premium Spirits, Wines, Prosecco and Beers as well as preparing some specialty Christmas cocktails such as Mulled Wine and Spiked Egg Nogg

(what is nogg anyway?) 

Winter sun set ubervida.jpg


The cost for this cruise is $100 per person.  Includes a 3 hour charter with DJ Felix, FULL Premium Bar including Christmas Cocktails, Mulled Wine and Spiked Egg Nogg! 

Ügly Sweater Competition with fantastic prizes! 

A Gorgeous Winter Sunset 

Memories of a life time with your Best Friends!


We advise every one to dress warmly and to bring their SMILES and 


The Über Crew will take care of the rest!!! 

Can't wait to see those Ügly Sweaters


Multiple Dates
Apr 05, 6:00 PM
ÜberVida would LIKE to thank our SPONSORS
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You have just Experienced the most

Epic Bermuda Ügly Sweater Party

on board 

Bermuda's Celebration Yacht 


Most of our guests take this time to get everyone on to the front steps of the Yacht for a group photo. 

We would like to thank you for Chartering with ÜberVida and hope that your perfect day exceeded all of your expectations.  

remember : Don't Drink and Drive!

Special Covid-19 Considerations 

We would like to make our guests aware that we are operating under very strict government guidelines. 

We take the stopping of transmission of Covid-19 and the safety of our guests as our Primary concern.  

To that goal we have put into effect the following procedures.  

1. Each guest must bring and wear a mask following social distancing guidelines at all times.  If entering any inside or covered areas on the yacht to wear your mask at all times.  You should not wear a mask if you are going into the water. 

2. Before entry to the yacht your temperature will be taken by infa-red NO TOUCH thermometer. 

3. Upon entry ÜberVida Crew will dispense hand sanitizer.

4. Hand sanitizer will be placed all around the Yacht please make frequent use and wash your hands. 

5. All Service Crew will wear masks and gloves at all times while serving, they will also be changing gloves often and washing hands often.  

6. The entire Yacht will be constantly cleaned and disinfected all day.  

7. Internal areas and bathrooms will be constantly cleaned all day. 

Our Crew and our guests saftey is our Primary Concern 

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