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Celebration Charter!

When you charter ÜberVida, the yacht is yours to create your fantasy day or evening on the water.

We have hosted Birthday Parties, Brial Showers, Family Reunions and more...

Your family can truly enjoy each other’s company in a setting that was made for fun and leisure. Bond over the breathtaking sights, catch up over cocktails with the sun on the horizon, or let loose on the dance floor.

Soak up Bermuda’s beauty and let the calm waves and the company of your close Friends and Family brighten up your eveining with ÜberVida.

This can be your opportunity to leave the stress behind for a day, and experience the cruise of a lifetime

With so much to do, there is sure to be something for everyone to love, so book your ÜberVida celebration today!

Click any picture to find out more!

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