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Saturday 24th October 2020

Departs #1 Dock Front St.


About our Birthday Bash!

Hello everyone. We are thrilled to invite you on board the beautiful

Über Vida to celebrate not one but THREE 40th birthdays!

As good little 1980 babies,

we're hoping you will dress in style in your best 80s attire!

Nothing is too glam or outlandish.

Remember your masks for entry. If you're sick, stay away. I want a lot of things for my birthday but COVID is NOT one of them.

Mark your calendars, book your sitters and that blue eye shadow ready! Any questions feel free to post for the group or message me privately. If you don't see your other half on the list it means I don't have them on Facebook! They're more than welcome, of course. Please advise if they are joining us, as we need to manage numbers in accordance with government requirements.

Please click on the Register Now button below to RSVP for our Birthday Bash! 

In order to help cover costs we are asking for $30 from each person! Thank you so much! Can't wait to see you!!!!!

Special Covid-19 Considerations 

We would like to make our guests aware that we are operating under very strict government guidelines. 
We take the stopping of transmission of Covid-19 and the safety of our guests as our Primary concern.  
To that goal we have put into effect the following procedures.  

1. Each guest must bring and wear a mask following social distancing guidelines at all times.  If entering any inside or covered areas on the yacht to wear your mask at all times.  You should not wear a mask if you are going into the water. 
2. Before entry to the yacht your temperature will be taken by infa-red NO TOUCH thermometer. 
3. Upon entry ÜberVida Crew will dispense hand sanitizer.
4. Hand sanitizer will be placed all around the Yacht please make frequent use and wash your hands. 
5. All Service Crew will wear masks and gloves at all times while serving, they will also be changing gloves often and washing hands often.  
6. The entire Yacht will be constantly cleaned and disinfected all day.  
7. Internal areas and bathrooms will be constantly cleaned all day. 

Our Crew and our guests saftey is our Primary Concern 

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