Customize Your Charter 

We would like to invite you to explore some of our Customizable Charter options. 

If you have an idea and don't see it below please feel free to Contact us to discuss. 

The Sky is the Limit

The Yacht is 70-foot long and 25-foot wide

Decor is basic Captain's Navy Blue, with Shiny White and Wood Accents 

The couches are Navy Sunbrella with Classic White Piping 

The Yacht is laid out really well and consists of several intimate areas for your guests to congregate and chat, our maximum capacity is 150 guests,

Perfect for Sunset Cocktails & Canapés, Wedding Decompression FUN Day,

Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Reception 

For a sit down formal dinner we have found that 55 guests are comfortable  

Below you will find different options and ideas that you can use to

customize your charter  

If you see something that you would like to create of your very own then please feel free to contact us and we can discuss your plans.  

Have Fun !

Catering Options 

Lunch, Dinner, Canapés, Desert,

Buffet or Plated 

Chef on Board

Menu Options  

Choose from one of our popular menus or design your own  

Beverage Menu 


Wine List

Custom Signature Drinks

Water Toys 

Choose from the following: 

Jet ski's

Paddle Boards


Snorkeling Equipment

Scuba Diving

Water Ski/Wake Board/Banana Boat 

If you are interested in booking any of the above add-ons for your charter please contact us


Live Musicians 


Violin, Cello, Pianist 


Flair Bar Tenders

Docking and Anchoring 

The Yacht can pick up from many different docks around the island and it is best to contact us to find out if we can pick up and drop off at your dock of choice.

There are many different activities spots that we can cruise to and anchor.

Just a couple of examples are:

Paradise Lakes - Very protected area within the stunning Harbor Islands.  Paradise Lakes is always calm and protected.  

There are a lot of Green Turtles in this area

and its really FUN to watch the turtles come to

the surface to breathe.  

Deep Bay - Its name is very funny because

its actually really shallow, with a

white sand low tide beach and Amazing cliffs

The cliffs are good for jumping but only at mid to high tide.  

Kings Point - Beautiful Low tide beach, this spot takes a boat longer to get to and we recommend a 5 hour charter to take full advantage.  The yacht can back right up to the beach and your guests can jump off the swim platform and take a short swim to shallow soft sandy water.  Great place to spend the afternoon. 

Jibbets Island - Also known as the Police Beach, excellent low tide beach and also has a few coral reefs close by on the shore line to explore with a mask and snorkel. 

Bermuda's Barrier Reef - If the weather is right, this is one of the premier off shore snorkeling sites in the world. The area is officially an aquatic nature reserve and has an incredible bio-diversity of very healthy corals and marine life - ITS MAGNIFICENT! 

Castle Roads - This is best for guests who are staying at Tuckers Point or Grotto Bay hotels.  

It is possibly one of the most beautiful spots in the world. 

Give us a call, or send us an email, we can't wait to hear from you! 


1(441) 236-2222