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ÜberVida Wednesday Sunset
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MONDAY, MAY 8TH 2023 | 12:00PM-4:00PM

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Let the summer in Bermuda begin with an unforgettable swimming cruise by ÜberVida Celebration Yacht!

Relaxing cocktails provide an atmosphere perfect for hanging out with friends and family!

Music by: DJ Playboi Koi

MONDAY, MAY 8TH 2023 | 12:00PM-4:00PM

(boarding to commence at 11:30AM, departs #1 Dock Front Street)



$135 per person

Get your tickets now!

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Relax under the sun, as we escort you around

the beautiful island of Bermuda


Step aboard the yacht, sip a refreshing drink

and get lost in a watery paradise!

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We advise every one to apply sunscreen in advance and please do not bring the spray sun screen as it destroys everything!

Please bring a bathing suit and

towel as we will stop to swim.  

ÜberVida has noodles on board, feel free to bring any blow up toys.

Bring your own munchies if you like.


and don't forget your



The Über Crew will take care of the rest!!! Can't wait to see you there!

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Bermuda Sunset Mini Cruise ÜberVida

Looking for a FUN way to explore Bermuda?

ÜberVida is FAMOUS for our EPIC events and cruises.

ÜberVida is the #1 destination for tourists who wants to see Bermuda's Gorgeous Coastline, plus it has an open bar where you can meet new friends and have an über great time!


Get wet and have some fun!

ÜberVida will set up an anchor on the best spot to swim and experience Bermuda's crystal-clear water! 

While anchored you can enjoy different water toys, paddle boards, kayaks, banana boat/tubing or even a jet ski.

Don't forget to bring your sunscreen!

Bermuda Sunset Mini Cruise ÜberVida

Lounge on the Yacht,

and enjoy onboard cocktails.

Übervida boasts an impressive full bar with many popular and specialty beverages.

Let our Mixologists craft you the perfect specialty cocktail!

Bermuda Sunset Mini Cruise ÜberVida


If you like taking pictures,

Bermuda on the Ocean is the  MOST GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL

place in the WORLD! 


Bond with Family & Friends

or create new ones!

Our cruises allow you to have the BEST and most RELAXING time with your Family & Friends.


Swim around Bermuda's crystal clear waters or DANCE with our DJ playing music hits of all genres!

P.s. The perfect atmosphere to create new relationships! 


Create Core Memories!

The ​ÜberVida team will make sure you have the best time on your vacation by providing you with our world-class service!

We ensure a core-memory-worthy experience you can bring home and remember forever!

We look forward to having you on board!

if you have any questions please try the chat on the bottom left corner

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