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We Provide Ünique World-Class Bermudian Experiences on our

Über-Awesome Celebration Yacht 


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ÜberVida Specializes in the most Incredible and Innovative Celebration's on Bermuda's Waters 

The Yacht is Spacious with

Several Levels and Secluded Lounge Areas 

Capacity is 150 guests

The Perfect Floating Bermuda Venue 

The ÜberVida Crew are Expert at Creating the Perfect Atmosphere where you and your guests can really Relax and enjoy each others company 

We make planning your Event Easy, Memorable & FUN! 

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Corporate Charters 

Corporate Meetings,

Client Dinners,

Team Appreciation

​ÜberVida has developed ideas that will take your

Company to the next Level

Wedding Charters

The ÜberVida Team have designed Incredible Wedding Ideas designed for your Guests Enjoymnet

Celebration Charters

​ÜberVida Specializes in hosting the most incredible Exclusive Celebrations  on our Über-Awesome Celebration Yacht  


Friday Evening ÜberVida Mini Cruise / Open House


Catamaran Cruise

Kiss Me I'm Über Trip to the Game CupMatch Cruise

Non Mariners Race


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Most Romantic Venue 

Best  Cruise

Special Covid-19 Considerations 

We would like to make our guests aware that we are operating under very strict government guidelines. 

We take the stopping of transmission of Covid-19 and the safety of our guests as our Primary concern.  

To that goal we have put into effect the following procedures.  

1. Each guest must bring and wear a mask following social distancing guidelines at all times.  If entering any inside or covered areas on the yacht to wear your mask at all times.  You should not wear a mask if you are going into the water. 
2. Hand sanitizer will be placed all around the Yacht please make frequent use and wash your hands. 
3. All Service Crew will wear masks at all times while serving, and washing hands often.   
4. Do not wear a mask in the Water. 
5. The entire Yacht will be constantly cleaned and disinfected.  
6. Internal areas and bathrooms will be constantly cleaned. 

Our Crew and our guests saftey is our Primary Concern