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Bermuda Wedding Decompression: Sailing into Love and Adventure

Celebrating Wedding Couples and Their Guests Since 2020

If you've ever dreamt of a wedding that's as unique as your love story, then Bermuda's got something special in store for you. We're talking about setting sail on the beautiful, blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean for a celebration that's off the charts. Imagine this: your very own secret beach, waters so clear it's like swimming in a dream, a fancy yacht, and a world of adventures waiting just for you. Say hello to your very own Bermuda Wedding Decompression – it's going to be a blast!

Contact us to inquire as to available dates and we can help you to create your perfect day.

A Day You'll Treasure Forever

Your Bermuda Wedding Yacht adventure typically spans five glorious hours. During this time, you'll have the opportunity to cruise to a secluded beach with the yacht's swim platform nestled so close to the sand you can almost touch it.

Your options are endless - you and your guests can either lounge on the yacht, sipping on cocktails and sampling delectable flavors from your custom catering, or slip into the clear, shallow waters and enjoy a world-class in-water beverage service. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, there might even be a chance for some safe cliff jumping!

Fully Customizable Wedding Dreams

The beauty of Bermuda Wedding Yacht is that every detail of your experience is fully customizable. You're in control, from choosing the number of hours to your ideal destination, music selection, signature drink, and catering menu. It's your perfect Bermuda wedding charter, and they want to make it happen.

Crafting Your Perfect Day

Your journey begins when you get in touch with the Bermuda Wedding Yacht event planning team. After your initial contact, whether by email or phone, the magic begins. The planning team will provide expert advice on logistics, helping you define what your perfect day looks like and then turning that vision into a reality.

Consider the time and date for your wedding. Bermuda has different weather trends throughout the year, and the knowledgeable planning team can advise you on tides, sunset times, and even backup anchoring spots in case of unpredictable weather. Their guide to Bermuda's best spots to anchor and enjoy the day is a helpful resource.

Feast in Style

When it comes to catering, the options are extensive. Choose from exquisite pass-around canapés, delicious sandwiches, a BBQ with an on-board chef, or an omelette station for brunch. The catering menus are fully customizable, and they take food allergies very seriously to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment.

Your drink options are equally impressive. ÜberVida boasts a full bar with popular and specialty beverages. Their mixologists can craft the perfect specialty cocktail for your special day, and they can source specific drinks upon request, like gluten-free beer or a special wine or champagne.

Sailing into Happily Ever After

Once all the planning is in place, it's time for the big day. The yacht will be set up according to your design. The ÜberVida Team will greet your guests with a welcome drink, and then the adventure begins. The yacht will cruise to your specified destination, set up anchors, and let your guests enjoy a refreshing swim. Lunch will be served, and the in-water beverage service will begin.

While anchored, your guests can indulge in a variety of water toys, including paddleboards, kayaks, banana boat rides, tubing, or even jet skiing. Just remember to book your desired activities in advance to make the most of your special day.

Depending on your itinerary, tides, and weather conditions, there might even be a scheduled stop at Diving Board Island for a little safe cliff jumping, adding an extra touch of excitement to your unforgettable Bermuda wedding charter.

They are committed to helping you make the vision for your special day a reality. So, why wait? Get in touch with their dedicated team and start planning your Bermuda Wedding Decompression today. Your dream wedding adventure awaits on the shores of Bermuda!


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