ÜberVida Thanksgiving Harbour Cruise
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ÜberVida Thanksgiving Harbour Cruise

Thankful and excited for a day on the water with family and friends, ÜberVida is the perfect way to begin your Thanksgiving festivities.

Join us on Thursday 24th of November for a COCKTAIL cruise through Hamilton Harbor and Paradise Lakes. 

Time Schedule: 3:00PM-4:30PM & 5:00PM-6:30PM

(We will be boarding 30 minutes before departure time)

Overlook stunning views of the Bermuda waters and enjoy your cocktail cruise onboard -

Bermuda Celebration Yacht Übervida!

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The 3:00PM-4:30PM cruise will be all in the day time.

It is considered the VERY BEST way to see

Bermuda from the water. 

​ÜberVida will be decorated in a Thanks Giving Theme and will take a slow cruise along the coast line, the sights are absolutely gorgeous. 


As we continue through Paradise Lakes the Emerald Green of the islands mix perfectly with the

Azure Blue of the ocean. 

ÜberVida Thanksgiving Harbour Cruise



Our 5:00PM-6:30PM cruise will depart in the daytime, Experience and EPIC Bermuda Winter Sunset,

and finish at night! 

Bermuda Winter Sunsets are absolutely Gorgeous!  

The progression from daytime through the Sunset and into Night time is really amazing. 

The photo opportunities are just spectacular. 

ÜberVida Thanksgiving Harbour Cruise
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The cost for both cruises is

$20.00 per person

The 3:00PM-4:30PM cruise is all in the daytime. 

The 5:00PM-6:30PM cruise starts in the daytime Experiences an Epic Bermuda Sunset

and then finishes at night.

We look forward to having you on board!

if you have any questions please try the chat on the bottom left corner

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If you celebrate Thanks Giving, we recommend that you and your family

Celebrate with ÜberVida - Bermuda's Celebration Yacht! 


These cruises are a perfect way to begin your Thanks Giving festivities, before you have the most delicious dinner, or perhaps experience the sunset of a life time and Celebrate all that you are Thankful for.

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